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The Southbohemian region supported the development of OIS Český Krumlov

With the launching of new virtual servers a www.encyklopedie.ckrumlov.cza key OIS Český Krumlov transformation stage has been finished. It is not the first nor the last stage, but it is important that within the framework of the project more than 3000 files have been transformed, the orientation has been simplified and the design of the pages has been united.

Since 2004 when the town of Český Krumlov took over the management of the system, OIS has been changed many times as far as the technology, the content, structure and image of OIS pages are concenrned. The changes started with the new HW, with the change of server location , improving the connection and stability of the system. Changes of the heart of the system followwed, new applications and services were developed (tourist attraction catalogue, accomodation catalogue), continued by the complete change of the page design and stucture, continuously system administration improved and new applications were created (service establishment catalogue, catering catalogue etc.).


  ..Project was realized with the finantial help of the Southbohemian region

The most demanding part of the transformation as far as time and finances are concerned, conversion of the pages to new technology and new design, was launched in May this year, when a subsidy was received within the framework of grant program of Southbohemian region at the amount of 200 000 Kč. These funds together with town contribution at the amount of 50 000 Kč enabled to launch the conversion of the pages.

The existing pages were analysed and those pages which will be converted to the new system were converted and the content of which will be processed in the catalogues and the pages which will not be transformed.From the pages which were chosen to be transformed the choice was limited upto the maximum number of 3000 files (this means more than 6000 standard pages and several thousand of photos) processed in the first stage of transformation within the framework of the grant program. The files were processed by the program, after that each was finished manually.

New structure was created, in which the transformed files were classified within the framework of the two created virtual servers, these are and 300 new photos of the buildings of the town preserve were made. Otherwise a new virtual server for the needs of Český Krumlov Municipal Theatre was created and several others were initiated.

Entire transformation was made while the system was running! Since 2004 more than 8 million visitors have used OIS system and downloaded more than 39 million pages of the total 1600 GB data, out of which this year it has been 570 GB. Average monthly attendance for the year 2007 is more than 200 000, daily more than 6500. During this time more than 9000 events were published in the events database, 550 catalogue records were created with the total attendance of more than 2 million accesses, more than 8000 accomodation orders were sent, and approximately 1000 other event and catering bookings,4900 records in the visitors´book were dealt with,1000 news were published and almost 700 news of mail forum were sent.

Transformation and the system development has not been finished yet. We expect to finish the transformation of the files which were not converted in the first stage and of course continual information updating, new technologies and applications and improving the whole system. I would like to thank everybody who helped to run, develop and transform the pages - Southbohemian region, the town of Český Krumlov, Český Krumlov Development Fund for finantial aid, programators Lubor Mrázek and Jaroslav Berit, Petr Šuman, Stanislav Schwarz, Jan Kříž, translators Markéta Urbanová, Diana Dvořáková, Ilona Šulistová, Nora Dinová, Hannah Kodicek, students Michaela Hájková, Michal Pavlásek, Viktor Bohdal, Jan Sommer, Zuzana Horváthová, Tomáš Horváth for their great detail work, my colleages for advice and help, all clients of OIS, who use individual applications and give us new impulses to improve the system.

Manager OIS –
Ing. Tibor Horváth