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38203 Holubov
Contact: Jaroslav Franěk

Telephone: +420 380 741 229
Fax: +420 380 741 229


Location: Region of Český Krumlov

Municipal office

Basic information

Geographical area : 1556 ha
Altitude : 509 m above sea level



Town History

Dívčí kámen

Origin of the Name
1379 - Holubow
Holubov - Holubův dvůr
Třísov - Třesův dvůr
Krasetín - Krasatův dvůr

The first mention of Holubov and Třísov is in a Rožmberk archive, which shows the holdings of the time to be written into the property records of the lords of Rožmberk in 1379 (some records show 1374). Holubov and surroundings at that time belonged to the estates of Dívčí Kámen (named according to the castle) which was built in 1349 by the two brothers, the Rosenbergs. The estates were part of the Český Krumlov dominion.

Tales and legends :
On the highest mountain of Blansko forest stood fast a castle from which ruled Hrozen. He had one daughter, gracious and fair, who they called Krasava. Many came to court her, and one dashing young man in particular, with swarthy cheeks and a sparkle in his eye, was soon regarded through rumour to be Beelzebub himself. Once the prince of the underworld found out that his guise had been revealed, he swore revenge for being shunned by Krasava. One day, when everyone from the castle had gone hunting, Beelzebub released an awesome storm above Kleť - the storm destroyed the bastions around the castle and hurled stones all around. A wandering monk who happened to be passing by lifted his cross and expelled Beelzebub back to hell. The rocks laying there today are remains of this mighty seat, torn down by the devil himself.

Local Historical structures


Lookout tower and cottage on Kleť.

Třísov - a Celtic oppidum (see Archaeological Research in the Český Krumlov Region) with terraces, also site of former craftsmen's homes - a fortress with a complex defense system lies on a point between the Vltava River and Křemžský creek. Declared an archeological historical reservation.



The town is situated right in the Blanský Forest Nature Reserve, and nearby are several natural reservations: Kleť Mountain - mixed forest with a predominance of beech trees, Holubovsko serpentine (15.68 ha, declared in 1972) with flora and vegetation on a serpentine base, plus a high mineral find, the trail Třísov - Dívčí Kámen - Holubov. Plenty of hiking trails.